Bright Casino Ideas for Your Choices

So what are the most common forms
of superstition when you are inside a casino? Over the years we have witnessed
multiple scenes aguacaliente
curious and sometimes quite comical. Players who when they
win a hand such as blackjack remain in the same position throughout the evening
or, conversely, players who do not sit until the lucky spot is cleared or who
immediately leave the casino if they meet a player who, according to them, it
brings bad luck, they are all less sporadic behaviors than you might think,
however irrational or even crazy they may seem.

Not to mention those who draw a
whole series of movements, tics or even incomprehensible sentences repeated
with clenched teeth like a mantra that, if you were not in a casino, we could
link to serious neurological disorders. There is also someone who repeats a
certain action (drinking, eating, touching his face and so on) just because he
believes it is at the origin of a lucky game hand.

The Sayings You Need to Follow

It is said that among the
behaviors that would favor bad luck and therefore not to be implemented when
playing, there is usually a gesture that should normally bring luck, that is,
cross your fingers. Similarly, it is said that you can forget about winning if
you whistle or decide to cross your arms while at the table.

A very large branch of superstition
is instead linked to numbers. 17 is known to be bad, so it is common to find
players who try to avoid it in all ways at Blackjack or who choose not to bet
anything when playing Roulette (especially on Friday), while in the Anglo-Saxon
world and in Spain (where instead the day of the week least indicated is
Tuesday) the same fate is instead reserved for the 13th which paradoxically is
considered by us a lucky number. The Chinese, on the other hand, consider the
number four unfortunate (as it seems that its pronunciation is ominously
similar to the term used by the Chinese to indicate death) and lucky the eight
and any other number that includes this figure. Similarly, the Japanese frown
upon the number 9, since it is pronounced in the same way as the word

Other curious forms of superstition

Regardless of the location,
however, there is a widespread belief that lending money or playing with lent
money is bad, so in both cases never do it and while you are there you never
count the chips (and therefore do not let others do it for you, if you haven’t
stopped playing). Furthermore, in certain areas of the south it is commonly
believed that the onset of itching in the palm of the right hand is a good omen
and indicates the arrival of winnings while in the left hand it has an opposite

Last words

Another form of very curious
superstition that we have found around concerns clothing, wearing red (even
undergarments) brings good things, as well as going out leaving the house
illuminated (badly), you will discourage the unwelcome visit of any housepot).
Also be careful to keep your distance well, because it seems that it brings bad
luck when a person (no matter if foreign or not) touches our arm or shoulder
before playing poker or slots, while if you are a maniac of hygiene he could
tell you bad because if you wash your hands while you are winning you will also
wash away the winning fluid and start losing.