Betting at the Best Choice for You

More and more online casinos now also offer the possibility to bet on sports. In the end it is still a game of chance which of course involves a nice portion of knowledge. At you can read more about placing bets and how it works.

It places a bet on a sports game is not complicated. The first step is to register at one of the online casinos that also offer Sports Betting. Once registered and logged in you have access to the joker138 Sportsbook. Here you have the choice between many sports such as football, tennis, basketball and various types of bets. Before you can start sports betting you need money that you can bet. You can use one of the many reliable deposit options that the casinos offer. Also check whether there is a nice welcome bonus ready to bet extra money on a bet.

Types of Bets and Odds

The most common sports bet is predicting the outcome of a match. And then not the exact score but who will be the winner or whether it will be a draw. Every game is provided with a certain odds or in English also called ‘odds’. An example: if you bet that Ajax wins against Feyenoord and this one has a odds of 2.0, you will get two euros back for every euro bet. These odds indicate how great the bookmaker considers the chance that Ajax will win. The calculation to calculate this probability is (1 / odds) * 100 = probability. In this case, the bookmaker estimates that there is a 50% chance that Ajax will win the match. Each game has different odds as it is also possible to bet on a draw or win for Feyenoord.

  • It is also possible to bet on the number of goals. These are called ‘Over / Under’. Here you have the option to bet on more than three goals, this is called ‘over’, or the option to bet on less than three goals, this is called ‘under’. In other words, it is about predicting whether more or less a certain number of goals will be scored. These types of bets also feature odds set by the bookmaker.

Live Betting during a match

Now imagine you taruhanku bet on less than three goals, but you have already scored three times in the first ten minutes of the game. The chance that more goals will fall is significant. For that reason, the live betting option is offered. This option allows you to adjust your bet during matches and place new bets immediately.